An accomplished broadcaster, Terry has won several prestigious Radio and Audio Drama Awards. In 1973 he joined the cast of BBC Radio 4’s THE ARCHERS as ‘Mike Tucker’, originally for five weeks. Forty + years later, and ‘Mike’ was cast into the outer darkness of Birmingham, seemingly never to return to Ambridge!

Along with a wide spectrum of television appearances, he is perhaps best well known on the small screen to Doctor Who fans as ‘DAVROS’, creator of the Daleks, playing the Doctor’s nemesis in the classic series from 1983 to 1989, and continuing to voice the character to the present day, in many of the award winning Big Finish Audio adventures, including the much acclaimed four part mini-series “I, Davros”.

Other feted audio work includes the cult paranormal comedy series “The Scarifyers” as ‘Prof. Edward Dunning’ to David Warner’s ‘Harry (Thumper) Crow’.

Terry’s screen work has included “In Love with Alma Cogan”, with Roger Lloyd Pack, Neve Cusack & John Hurt, “Chick Lit” with Caroline Catz, John Hurt & Eileen Atkins, another production from Capriol Films, “Draw on Sweet Night”, with Nicky Henson & Christian McKay, a WWII film about a US regiment fighting in Europe, titled “Lost”, and the acclaimed 1st web series of the cult Sci-Fi drama KOSMOS, with on-going drama series ‘Humber City’ as well as Indie production ‘Homeless Ashes’.

When not travelling the world working, with his long suffering Teddy – Montmorency Montgomery ‘Monty’  Bear – as his companion, Terry enjoys the quiet life… walking his dogs on the beaches of rural Norfolk.


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